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Diversionary Tactics

So I’ll admit that the Friday night debate wasn’t as riveting as I’d hoped it would be. To be frank, neither candidate came off particularly well although I now hold moderator Jim Lehrer in an even higher regard than I did before as he tried (somewhat in vain) to keep both men on topic and get them to talk to… each other rather than to mommy, I mean to him.

I have a funny feeling that Jim has already made up his mind and it’s the viewers that should have been the ones that needed convincing (although I doubt that there’s much that either of them could have said that would have made anyone change their mind and certainly, neither of them made that great of an impression on me. Obama’s stop/start speech pattern made me like him a little less than I did before although he’s a whole lot more preferable to McSame who is so hungry to get into the White House that he’s playing the Wilford Brimley role of the kindly grandfather to the hilt. I almost expected him to offer Lehrer a bowl of Quaker Oats.)

And then over the weekend I got one of those internet pass along things, you know the kind; where the little girl is dying and if you just send one dollar she’ll make an amazing recovery or those emails where you have to forward it on to everyone from your kindergarten class in Topeka will spontaneously explode.

But this one was different, it was a suggestion that instead of bailing out a bunch of people that made a bunch of big bad mistakes, that the government give the 700 billion to us the citizens of America to pay off our own debt, mortgages, student loans and such. By the emails’ reckoning, 700 billion spread out over approximately 200 million adults after taxes comes out to about $250k. I tell you, any candidate that managed to get that through would have my vote hands down. It’ll never happen of course but over the weekend I had pleasant thoughts of getting caught up in my bills and having way more than I would need to buy a little home out in the country or simply take some time off and write. Ah well back to the lotto.

So with all these things tying my stomach in knots I spent part of the weekend escaping the world by rearranging the furniture in my apartment and throwing out clothes that don’t fit any longer. I realize this isn’t a real exciting way to spend a weekend but sometimes in the midst of chaos, I for one, feel the need to straighten out my own home. It is at the moment immaculate.

I also took Saturday afternoon and went off to the upper east side to get a really great massage by a friend of mine who directed a show I was in last year. It was really relaxing and afterwards I took my time getting back home. I wandered through shops and stopped and read a magazine over cheap Chinese food, walked through the Park at dusk. SNL's parody of Palin and the debate was spot on and hilarious. It's amazing to me that I've been watching SNL since I was 12. That's a really long time.

Sunday I spent the evening watching General Hospital from last week and the new episodes of Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters. Both were pretty good although maybe it's because I'm so embroiled in real world politics, both seemed even more shallow and out of touch with reality than they usually do. I mean, most tv shows exist in another universe but specifically for Brothers and Sisters which has always prided itself on being political, for them to be so nutered is a little sad. It's kind of devolving into Dynasty bit by bit rather than be a 21st century 30-something which is what it started out to be.

But it was a pretty good bit of diversion at a time when I sure needed it.