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May 2009

Lost and Found

So last weekend when the BF and I went to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden we decided, upon looking at the map, that we wanted to find the peonys.
We went along the path where we thought they were and got distracted by the liacs and the cherry blossoms and lakes and trees and things.
We had circled back to where we thought they were and found more flowers and beautiful sites. At one point it dawned on us that we hadn't yet found the peonys... and we realized that we were actually at the peony beds and had passed them about two or three times while looking for them.
The beds themselves were rather unimpressive as they hadn't bloomed yet.... so the destination, well it was hard to find and we got distracted a lot but they weren't ready anyway but meanwhile, we sure did see some terrific things!
Just goes to show you, the Journey is just as important as the destination (and sometimes more interesting).

All Roads

This is a picture of a path.
The path divides in two but really it goes to the same place because it's all within the same park.
However, one path stays on the higher level, and one path goes down a small embankment and is on a lower level.
If that's not allegorical, I don't know what is. :)


"I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don't notice it." - from Alice Walker's The Color Purple
(from the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens 4/26)

You'll Just Have To Wait for Me

Last weekend when the BF and I were at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens we noticed this little boy being persuaded to look at the camera for what I'm sure would be a beautiful shot (with the purple flowers in the background) but the little boy just wasn't interested in cooperating prefering instead to reach for what HE wanted (a flower, a bug, some dirt) Even though he had one, two, three, four adults (and one out of the shot who was noticing what was happening), the little boy didn't feel pressured to face forward.
Now you can wring three different lessons from this little boy:
1. Things will happen in their good time when they're good and ready.
2. Everyone will wait for talent.
3. Divas are born, not made. :)

Welcome to May!

I took this last weekend on my bike trip up the Hudson but for me it symbolizes May.. the month when all that has fallen and been gone, returns with vigor and strength and beauty!
May your month blossom before you and your life burst into life!