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September 2009

Norman Jumps for Joy

"My life is very much linked to my cooking.

"I don't think I'm ever at that place of blissful joy as much as when I am when I'm cooking and "serving it forth" for people.

"I know I'm a good cook, but that doesn't matter. A famous chef I know once said to me "you're only as good as your last meal," so 100 good meals mean nothing if you put something in front of people which is not good.

"So, everytime I put out food, see the smiles, hear the comments, loud, soft or otherwise, yeah, that makes me jump for joy.

"It makes me say to myself "THAT DISH KICKED BUTT."

"The frosting on the cake, to keep the food metaphor, is when people who have had a particular dish, ask for it again. Now THAT makes me LEAP for joy - I cooked something memorable, in a good way."
- Norman, 2009