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March 2011

My Long Term Relationship With New York City

I've been in love with New York City since my second visit here which took place in June 1991. It scares me a little that it'll be 20 years in just a few months - but like most good relationships, time doesn't seem to matter to me. I see the city simultaneously for what it is, what it was and what it will be. I love it despite - or maybe because of it's faults.

Today, on my birthday, I celebrate what has become my hometown. I will always be from Mosinee, Wisconsin, but I will always have grown up in New York City.

Here, my favorite song about New York ever....



It seems that Star Trek: Voyager has a bit of a "thing" for the number 47 and as I reach that prime number, I'm happy that this may be a sign that a voyage still lays ahead for me.


Corner of the Sky

This song (Roland's favorite) expresses my own longing to fit in and make a difference in the world. As the birthday approaches I relate most to "I want my life to be so much more than long".  Have you found your corner of the sky??