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May 2011

I Will Bet That Even My Friends at the Waldorf Will Not Know Where I Took This

In the tradition of my friend Damon L. Jacobs who wrote a whole book about "shoulds", I am starting out today by saying that I 'should' leave the best pic til last but I can't help it.. I just love this pic so much and couldn't believe how it came out when I saw it on my camera... and then still couldn't believe how perfect it was when I saw it when I was resizing it in photoshop.

I dare any of my Waldorf=Astoria friends to hazzard a guess as to where in the hotel this was taken. 



For the past six months I worked at the Waldorf=Astoria and over the next few days I'll be running some pictures I took while there. It was a fun, whirlwind ride amid the old world beauty of New York's grandest hotel.