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December 2011

Wonder Twins Powers - Activate!

Today's phrase is "Wonder Twins Powers - Activate!".

How are you 'activating' your skills and talents with others in order to live your best possible quality of life?

2805265790_cdc6b7e1ccNo one lives or works alone and so, although sometimes it feels easier to simply stay in bed with the covers pulled over your head and hope that your next client finds you, it really doesn't work that way. Wouldn't it be great if people just roamed door to door looking for a wedding officiant and planner or someone to plan their next conference? It would make life so much easier! LOL

But.... why would you want to live your life that way anyway? It's so much more interesting to get out into the world and meet people who aren't doing what you're doing.

In the past few weeks I've met an immigration lawyer and a wills and trusts lawyer, I've talked to an incredibly interesting fellow who just wrote a book about surviving being in the North Tower during 9/11 and I'm starting to get to know a charming young lady who designs websites for a living. A photographer, an interior designer, a realtor, an accupuncturist, a tarot reader, a couple personal trainers, several investment folks and a couple of business coaches all who really know what they're talking about. Neat stuff.

Back on SUPER FRIENDS, Zan and Jayna needed each other to activate their powers - and that's kind of what we need here in the real world too - we need each other to activate the awesome things that we can do. Sure, I can throw a great event, but without a referral from that immigration lawyer, I don't have someone who will hire me. And while I may not need a green card anytime soon, I may be able to help that actor who needs an update to his web presence who is a client of the same lawyer. See how that works? And even if that doesn't happen today, who says that it won't happen tomorrow?

So, today, ACTIVATE! Get out and shake it up a little. The world - and all it's treasures - are waiting for you to make some magic happen!