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November 2012

Jumping for Joy: Morgan Freeman & HRC for Marriage Equality! @HRC @freetomarry @MarriageEquality @TheRealMorganF

FreemanBLOGHope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend - I was off in Connecticut with the family of my best friend, got back to New York just in time for a concert at Lincoln Center followed by attending a workshop where I learned how to knit (I created something that looks like a coin purse but I'll get better LOL). Definitely an interesting and unusual kick off to the holiday season.

With recent marriage equality victories and the defeat of a candidate who vowed to create a national amendment banning same sex marriages, the LGBT community and those of us in the wedding industry (especially those of us who specialize in same sex ceremonies) are feeling pretty good.

But we still have a long way to go. And you can help. Both HRC and Marriage Equality USA are working to make this a reality for millions of LGBT Americans.

If you can help with a financial committment, that's great.

If you can donate your time, that's great too.

But if your "only" contribution is of your support of the same sex couples in your life, well, that's probably the best way to insure that all Americans are able to marry the one that they love. Because we haven't gotten this far without the loving support of our straight allies.

In the video below, produced by HRC, Morgan Freeman inspires us all to aim higher and fight for what we all know is right.


Jumping for Joy for The National Day of Cooking - with that Julia Child Remix

JuliaBLOGThis is one of my favorite things from 2012 - the Julia Child remix created by Melodysheep for PBS Digital to celebrate her 100th birthday this past September. Talk about a treat! This never fails to put me in a good mood and makes me wish I didn't have two left hands when it comes to making interesting things in the kitchen (although I can make the most incredible soup from scratch - the smell alone will cure what ails ya) :)


Jumping for Joy: Congratulations to Fred and Dean on Their 1st Anniversary!

Good morning everyone!

Yesterday, November 8th, I had the pleasure of celebrating the first anniversary of Fred and Dean, whose wedding was the first one I presided over.

November8th2011WeddingBLOGFred and Dean live in Dallas so I didn't get to celebrate with them, but I talked to Fred via email and he reports that they have been very happy this past year and that upon their return to Texas, their friends were incredibly supportive and they even got presents! Now that's saying something considering they've been together for 35 years!

Imagine. Being together for decades and never thinking for a moment that you would ever have the opportunity to get married. For gay Americans, the thought of being able to declare publicly that this man or this woman is the person that they love - and to have the Federal government recognize it with regards to financial matters and hospital visits, has up til these past few years been unimaginable. But thankfully there were people who didn't let that stop them from pursuing Marriage Equality. After the Election on Tuesday, we have even more places where gay and lesbian couples can marry (and also, thank you France). :) 

I should say though, that while tax breaks and inheritance and visiting your husband or wife in the hospital are all extremely important, at the end of the day, that's not really what getting married is about - it's about the joy of saying to the person you love - I'm here. Forever. And that is pretty awesome. :)

Joy is not a special right. It is a human right. And one that I am especially full of joy to be able to help make happen in my role as wedding planner and Officiant.

Congratulations Fred and Dean!! :)

PS Fred and Dean were married in their suite at the Waldorf=Astoria Towers. Thanks to my friend Agnes in Event Services for sending up a bottle of champagne for us all to enjoy. :)

Jumping for Joy - "You Are Home" - The Joan Project

KristenMomYellowParisFB400It started with a blog post I wrote about my mother Joan's passing on September 19th, 2012.

I wrote that she used to 'tie a yellow ribbon' around a tree in my childhood home's front yard to indicate that I was always welcome in her home despite my siblings increasing hostility/indifference towards me after I came out in 1989.

My friend Kristen took a pictures of "the yellow" (a bandana) and I shared it during the celebration I had for her here in New York in the days following her passing.

When Kris went to Italy and to France and was going to take the bandanas with her, she asked me what I wanted to have written on them. I came up with "You Are Home".

As this same childhood home had been offered to Medicaid to pay for Joan's medical bills and so is now gone, I want her to know that she now always has a home whereever I am. Her home is now with me.

LondonyellowblogAnd since my friends are my family, whereever they are, she is there with them too. And I love the idea that they can take and leave a little bit of her yellow in various places around the world. :)

Since this started, I've seen "the yellow" all over the place - like a flower that dropped out of a children's bouquet at a wedding and landed at my feet;  yellow ribbons tied to a tree in Riverside Park and even a string quartet playing the Beatles' "Yellow" at one event that I was at.

It's nice to feel as though Joan is watching over me..... or at least is enjoying whatever party I'm at. :)

Enjoy the Joan Project as it forms over time. :)