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KristenMomYellowParisFB400It started with a blog post I wrote about my mother Joan's passing on September 19th, 2012.

I wrote that she used to 'tie a yellow ribbon' around a tree in my childhood home's front yard to indicate that I was always welcome in her home despite my siblings increasing hostility/indifference towards me after I came out in 1989.

My friend Kristen took a pictures of "the yellow" (a bandana) and I shared it during the celebration I had for her here in New York in the days following her passing.

When Kris went to Italy and to France and was going to take the bandanas with her, she asked me what I wanted to have written on them. I came up with "You Are Home".

As this same childhood home had been offered to Medicaid to pay for Joan's medical bills and so is now gone, I want her to know that she now always has a home whereever I am. Her home is now with me.

LondonyellowblogAnd since my friends are my family, whereever they are, she is there with them too. And I love the idea that they can take and leave a little bit of her yellow in various places around the world. :)

Since this started, I've seen "the yellow" all over the place - like a flower that dropped out of a children's bouquet at a wedding and landed at my feet;  yellow ribbons tied to a tree in Riverside Park and even a string quartet playing the Beatles' "Yellow" at one event that I was at.

It's nice to feel as though Joan is watching over me..... or at least is enjoying whatever party I'm at. :)

Enjoy the Joan Project as it forms over time. :)