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February 2013

Jumping for the Moon, Full Moon Silhouette by Mark Gee

Hello all - it's been awhile since I wrote - since mid January and the return from the awesome Caribbean cruise I took with my friend Frazer, life has thrown me some curve balls .. but I am enduring and doing fine.

MoonrisemarkgBLOGRachel Maddow posted an incredible video on her Maddowblog this afternoon - a video of the moon rise from the vantage point of New Zealand by photographer Mark G. It's below and stunning - admittedly I may be in an overly emotional place (even for me LOL) these days given some things that have been happening, but it made me weep and jump for joy.

Speaking of Joy, the other night I was feeling kind of down but had plans to go watch season one of Downton Abbey (yes I know, not exactly a picker-upper especially if the spoilers that I've been able to mostly avoid about how season three ends are any indication of what's to come) and I pulled out a shirt from the closet. Two/three years ago, a director I did a show for criticized me for dressing "like someone's husband" even though at the time I was and besides the point, I wasn't sure what he thought I should aim to dress as.

Anyway, I hadn't worn a particular shirt for awhile and so I pulled it out of the closet. It fit as good as always (ok, maybe slightly tighter around the mid section <blush>) but I felt something in the top pocket, a card. I pulled it out and on it was written: "My Sacred Word for 2011" followed by a big space where I had written 'JOY!'

I think I probably got it from Unity New York (they do things like that there) and had completely forgotten about it. And yet, while 2011 wasn't an especially joyful year (although there were plenty of joyful moments - working at the Waldorf, event managing the Dramatists Guild's first national conference and of course performing my first wedding), it was a progression... and "Progression" was written on the back of the card (along with a reiteration of a professional writer's command to me many years ago to "WRITE NOW!" and a very Unityesque concept:  "Abundance").

I believe in all sorts of things - I believe that the world is more than we can see, that there is much beauty in the world and that miracles happen all the time if only we're not too busy looking for them to see them (without letting the fear completely take over). And mostly, I believe in the universe's ability to surprise us at every turn. Getting this message from two years ago surprised me, was a miracle and was truly a beautiful moment.

Just like the full moon rise captured by a hard working photographer. You can read about Mark G's journey by clicking here, you can join his Facebook page by clicking here and the video is below. Have a great Sunday everyone, it's awesome. :)

Full Moon Silhouettes from Mark Gee on Vimeo.