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August 2014

Good Morning New York - Jumping for Joy... again!

BlogFlowerBattParkCityIt's Tuesday and I'm up early to enjoy the beautiful walk to work in this unseasonably cool weather. I don't need to remind my friends that the uber heat of the past two summers literally made me sick and two years ago nearly incapacitated me when I had to officiate a wedding (I made it but oh I basically collapsed afterwards). I am supremely grateful for this summers' cool temps, breezes, sunny days and languid pace.

So, today, whereever you are, if the weather is as nice there as it is here, consider walking when you can, being outside as much of the day as your job will allow, getting out of the office during lunch and finding some activity (dinner at an outside cafe, picnic in the park, movie projected on a screen in your backyard, etc) that will allow you to enjoy the beautiful time outside. 

Today I jump for joy for this amazing summer day!