Jumping 4 Joy on My 2nd Day of Christmas (Dec 11)
Jumping 4 Joy on My 4th Day of Christmas (Dec 13)

Jumping 4 Joy on My 3rd Day of Christmas (Dec 12)

In addition to 12/12 being the 2nd wedding anniversary for two couples that I married - Teresa and Dec12wedding1BLOGMaria from San Francisco and David and Timothy from North Carolina (I'll get to those stories in a minute), 12/12 was the 3rd Day of My Christmas. How did I celebrate? Well, I spent the day in my pajama top, starting what could possibly be an inevitable slide into being that guy with the 12 cats and newspapers piled up to the ceiling. OK, not really. The super had to do some work in my apartment and, not knowing what time he was coming, I bummed around the apartment for part of the morning (I took the day off) waiting for him to arrive. I got engrossed in, what else, Facebook, and suddenly he was here and I grabbed the first thing I could find to wear - which just happened to be the shirt from my PJs. Yes, I sometimes wear PJs to bed on really cold nights. I'll let that image burn itself into your brain for a minute. :)

Anyway, we got involved in getting a problem fixed and it took much longer than expected. I had to run outside a couple times to do errands and it wasn't until later on in the afternoon that I realized I was still wearing the PJ top. See? I've become that guy. This is how it starts - today a PJ top worn as a 'real' shirt and tomorrow I'm spooning beefaroni from a can. (Ok who am I kidding? That sounds delicious).

DandysXmas2014I finally pulled it together and met my pal Ro for dinner down on the Lower East Side followed by a show - Dandy Darkly's Fucking Christmas. Dandy is a storyteller and a friend of mine and I married he and his husband back in February 2013. The show featured another friend, Boylesque performer Matt Knife who runs a monthly show at Stonewall (yes THE Stonewall) and is also someone I married (with an asterisk but I'll get to that eventually)... as well as my very good pal and former Empress of the Imperial Court, Witti Repartee (whose wedding last February in Delaware was amazing).

TimDavidWedding121212BLOGSpeaking of weddings, two years ago I pulled double duty performing two weddings in about a two hour span. Here's how it happened - there were many weddings happening that day - 12/12/12 - and I booked two with plenty of travel time in between. But then one got pushed up, or pushed back, I'm not sure I remember now two years later, but it was a triumph of time management skills to give each couple the spectacular wedding they deserved. :)

Fortunately the weddings were close enough that I could make it happen - Teresa and Maria got married a venue in Chelsea and then Dave and Timothy were in 30 Rock plaza (you know, where I happened to be on my 2nd Day of Christmas). The 30 Rock wedding was a bit renegade as the families of both men gathered at a agreed upon time and place and I walked them all through the ceremony. To be honest, I worried that the police might ask us to move or that we'd get some lookie loos from the crowd... But although a crowd gathered, the grooms were only given congratulations and applause. This is of course a welcome relief to those of us who have experienced just how homophobic people can be.

It was such a quick ceremony and I was able to get back to Chelsea to make the gorgeous dinner (and cake). It was, in some ways, as though I had not left as they had spent the intervening time taking pictures.

So, happy 3rd Day of My Christmas and more tomorrow!