Jumping 4 Joy on My 3rd Day of Christmas (Dec 12)
Those Darn Days of Christmas and a Happy New Year Wish

Jumping 4 Joy on My 4th Day of Christmas (Dec 13)

As some of you know, I've been down for the count, sick this past week. Nothing more serious than a bad cough and aches and pains topped off by some dizziness and a little nausea. Thankfully, most of that has passed but now I'm sniffling/sneezing my brains out. Fun fun fun.

ArtworkBLOGI spent my 4th day of Christmas, Saturday Dec 13 with my friend Scott hanging art in my apartment. I had decided that, after I'd had various walls painted some weeks ago, that I was tired of having the artwork stacked up on the guest room bed or along the wall, so over pizza, we spent the day getting everything up on the wall. It's not 100% done but it was quite an accomplishment (I have a lot of art and a lof of framed photos of friends). And I'm resisting the urge to post a pic of Scott wearing the cheesehead that Kristen gave me.

Later, I made my way downtown to an annual Xmas party thrown by my friends Gil and his hubby Scott (not the same one as above). Drank a lot, ate a lot and ran into people I hadn't seen in a long time including one who I last saw on TV when his show got a Tony last spring. This was someone who had a bad couple career years at the same time that I did and we had commisserated then and celebrated now. Just goes to show you - that even though things look bleak now, in no time at all, things can change for the better. That's not a bad message to get at Christmas is it?

And with that, I will catch up with you over the weekend on the other days of Christmas. See you then!