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March 2015

My Favorite 50th Year

Today I turn 51 although I'll be spending it working a very long day at a conference. There will be drinks at a reception this evening but I figure that the real celebrating will be happening later this week. I've been known to celebrate for a week, two or sometimes (most times, really) for several weeks.

But the 50th required something kind of special - so I decided to start celebrating in July 2013, a full 9 months before the actual day and then continue on until, well, yesterday. That's a good long time to get your party on.

AugsburggroupIt was a fun adventure that included being a balloon handler in the last two Macys parades, going to the Letterman show, officiating several weddings and taking a driving trip through California. One of the biggest highlights was a visit to Minneapolis reconnecting with old college and Mosinee friends I hadn't seen in nearly 30 years.

I guess I hope that these 'special' occasions won't be regulated only to my 50th year (although Letterman goes off the air this May so seeing the show live in December was probably the last time I'll be able to go) and I think it's important to treat EVERY year as though it's special - because, you know, it is. You only get one go 'round once so you should take every opportunity to make your life as special as you can all the time. (I understand that it's possible that we get to go 'round twice or more but like many things that depend on faith, it's hard to know for sure - which is kind of the definition of 'faith' I suppose)

So to everyone I got to visit over the past year and 9 months, I hope that I won't have to wait another 50 years before I see you again. :)