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MEMO 1: FEATURING ANGIE - August 6, 2016

Life in the Mozzarella

Good morning, all - I am just dropping a little note this morning to wish you a great Wednesday - pardon some dust here on the J4J site but I'm in the midst of a huge life/ blog reno. There are some additional changes coming including the debut of a project that I've been working on during the sabbatical I've taken these past few months. Don't want to talk too much about it until after it's posted. But I'm aiming for a debut of August 6th. As they say, 'watch this space'. And, before I forget, thank you in advance for coming along on the journey with me!  

MozzerellablogIn the meantime, please take a moment to click on the boxes to your left - my Joan Project and the box above it about my Officiant work. As you know, my core work is as an Event Planner/Producer but I like to dabble in these other pieces of life as well - a healthy life/work balance is something to strive for. More on all of this as we go forward.

As you scroll down, you'll notice my blog post, Facing The Mountain. I wrote it on a day I was breaking through to a new way of thinking. Looking back on it, it's a little jumbled. I thought about editing it and/or rewriting it entirely, but ... then I realized that it had more value to me personally as a document of the moment, rather than a fully edited, fully polished piece. So it stands but with an asterisk (the asterisk being, I know that I can write better than that! LOL) :)

Anyway, have an incredible day and make it your goal to do one nice thing for someone today!

And, meanwhile, enjoy this beautiful mozzarella dish made my incredible partner Matthew for a party we went to last weekend. I can't take credit for the pic, that was someone else at the party, because sometimes the things we do, the things we put our heart and soul into, get appreciated by others - and we don't even realize it until later.

Have a great Wednesday!