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November 2016

MEMO 9: #MEMO #JumpingforJoy #RevAndrew #KittyCoroner #Angie


Good afternoon all - below is the latest installment of the prologue to the upcoming serial THE MYSTERY AT HAMHOCK RETREAT CENTER. More coming as I think we all need a little MEMO in our lives after the heartache and bloodshed of the past week/past 18 months. I know that this won't change the world, but it's certainly helping me keep my head on straight (or maybe "straightish" is better). Thanks to those of you who enjoy, share, and return. :) Peace!

Memo 9



Election Day: What A Wonderful World Louis Armstrong #JumpingforJoy

LouisHope you've enjoyed all my postings today - after a horrible year and a half with this wretched election, I needed to re-set my own head and this helped tremendously, so thanks for indulging me today.

You know, we might be facing some very serious and challenging times no matter who leads us (but obviously I think that Hillary stands a better chance of meeting those challenges than that other guy), but we have to remain strong. And, although it doesn't feel like we've 'been in this together" during this election cycle (more often than not, it's been 'every person for themselves'), at the end of the day, this is the only world we have and it's up to us to figure out how to live together and appreciate what we have.

But there's someone who can say this ten times better than I can - and that's the great Louis Armstrong. Take it away, Louis.