Election Day: Jumping for Joy for Marriage Equality: Teresa and Maria 12 12 12! #MarriageEquality #RevAndrew
Election Day: Jumping for Joy for Marriage Equality: End of 2012 - Photo Finish with Ang and Terri #Marriage Equality #JumpingforJoy

Election Day: Jumping for Joy for Marriage Equality: The Beards in Rockefeller Plaza #Marriage Equality #JumpingforJoy

TimDavidWedding121212BLOG... and on 12 12 12 I made the second of two stops on my Marriage express to marry Tim and David aka The Beards - as they gathered with family and friends in the middle of Rockefeller Plaza. As it was the middle of the evening and crowded beyond belief due to the holidays, I was certain that the police would not be happy with us. I also worried that out in the world in the middle of tourists and commuters, a group of approximately 20 people clogging up the plaza for a same sex wedding would not be welcomed... but to my surprise, not only did the police welcome us, but there gathered a large group of people to cheer the grooms on!! The guys were from North Carolina and, as with previous couples, figured that the day would never come when Marriage Equality would come to them, so they decided to go to it here in New York City.

You know, I have to say, that I have always been concerned about crazy people making a scene over a same sex wedding - and in fact, the women at that first wedding I planned - on Oct 22, 2011, had the same concerns - but they, like The Beards (and like a couple that I will write about soon) were not just 'tolerated" but were celebrated, cheered, and appreciated by onlookers of whatever orientation from whereever they're from.

There are days, like today, the Election, when I worry that we are going backwards in the pursuit of fairness and social justice... and then I remember moments like this and I am reminded that those people are (hopefully) few and far between.