MEMO 25 - #memos #serial #comicstrip #findthemonas

The Rapture or Just Saturday? We'll know tomorrow! In the meantime, follow jacobandrewaltenburg on Instagram!

ComicstripdesktopFor musical theater fans, September 23rd is the day in "Little Shop of Horrors" that Audrey 2 shows up on Earth. It is also, this year, the day designated by some religious people as "The Rapture". I'm 53 and I've been through at least a dozen "end of the world" scenarios over my lifetime. As a teen, hearing about it would send a chill down my spine. But, after awhile, I've sort of shrugged and considered the upsides of end of the worlding - that book I never got to? toast. That bill I haven't paid yet? No worries. And, of course, for those people who spent the last few years forcing themselves to eat kale, well, the jokes on you. (I kid because I love).

I spent the last couple of days working on my cartooning. After a few weeks of going non-stop, parking myself in front of a desk and burying my head in a creative pursuit was a welcome "indulgence". Yes, I know, it's sad when working on Art is an indulgence but welcome to the 21st century life in the big city. :) If the Rapture does happen, I actually am happy I spent my last little time doing what I love. And really, wouldn't it be great if life was always like that?

Today I'm creating some new strips that I'll be posting in the coming days. Unless, of course, the world ends. In that case, you'll never get to see my brilliant work. If it doesn't end, I errr yeah, I lost the brilliant work and only have what I'll be posting. I kid because I love.

Seriously, though, in this age of reading only 140 characters, if you've made it this far, you're a trooper and I owe you my thanks. The accompanying picture is the template I use for the strips. And if you follow jacobandrewaltenburg on Instagram, you can follow this particular creative process. I've already acquired some followers and if the Rapture doesn't happen, I hope to acquire a few more. Even more of an incentive for no Rapture (as if Marx Brothers movies weren't enough. See also: Hannah and Her Sisters).

Ok, peace out and more soon.