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Bird's Eye View #Bogdan Teodorescu

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 11.15.05 AMHello all and welcome to Monday - no doubt that after the holidays and the intense cold, we're all happy to be getting back to our routines. My routine is job hunting (which is a routine I'd like to break so that I can, you know, work, but I digress). 

Anyway, today let's follow the example of filmmaker Bogdan Teodorescu and find perspective 'up and above' of the snarl and crazy of the world we find ourselves in these days. Yes, we should absolutely keep abreast of what's happening (it is essential to be informed) but we must also not lose perspective. Or, you can just enjoy this for the two or three minutes of peace it will give you to soar above and look down on beautiful countryside. 


Up and Above #2017 from Bogdan Teodorescu on Vimeo.