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Time to Vacation in San Francisco! #sanfrancisco

26733479_10156176062864432_5902698867720176978_nHi all! You know, there are times when you're tired of beating your head against a wall in ... well, frustration would be a word that I've used quite often over the past few months/couple years. And there are times then when you have to say "I need a frickin break from all of... this" (while gesturing at, well, all of ... this). So it's with great happiness that the Mister and I are taking a few days off of the Island and traveling to San Francisco which, frankly, always seems like an island of sorts to me as well. One of my bestestest pals lives there and we're visiting him and a few others. If you're reading this, and you live in the San Fran area and want to meet up, drop me a line in the comments section or Facebook or email me or whatever. I'll probably run into you on the street at some point and you'll admonish me for not making a concrete plan with you and well, I will nod and smile and say sorry and then we'll get a drink and forget about it. Even if it's 9am. Because, it's vacation and there are no rules on vacation. It's kind of like Fight Club. or Vegas. Or. Well, who cares. :) 

Enjoy the video below, Jeanette MacDonald's San Francisco is one of my all time favorites so enjoy. And I'll catch when (and if) I resurface).