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BlogsuperteamfamilyHappy Saturday morning all - hope that the first week of 2018 has been a blast - or, at least, a time to finish resting, relaxing, and recharging from the holiday season madness! :) 

This morning, a few words about one of my all time favorite blogs - Super Team Family. If you're not a comic book fan, this site won't mean squat to you but for those of us who have enjoyed a few years of comic booking, this site is a joy.

You see, there used to be a comic book called Super Team Family and it was published by DC Comics in the 70s. Back in the late 70s, DC created a line of "Family" books - one for Superman, one for Batman and also the Super Team Family where they would publish team ups. I seem to remember that Super Team Family consisted of reprints of past team ups of heroes (but I will be happy to be corrected). As a side note, DC also published a comic book called The Brave and the Bold which also featured super hero team ups, but these were new stories. Originally, Brave and the Bold featured sort of anyone teaming up with anyone... but at some point, it became a Batman only team up book. Realistically, however, Batman could only be shoehorned into so many other heroes' stories without it getting a little ridiculous since Batman doesn't have any powers (and, at the time I was reading, in the 70s and 80s, he was still 'just a man in a bat suit' rather than the more modern interpretation that he can single handedly go up against the entire Justice League of America and win... but I digress significantly). 

Anyway, artist Ross Pearsall conceived of a site where he'd create covers for team ups he wished would happen - not just between DC Comics characters, but between any character from any company. And thus the Super Team Family blog was born. I don't pretend to know all the history and frankly, it's not that important to know in order to enjoy. If all the site had been created for was to have a mock cover featuring time traveler hero Booster Gold and the Tom Baker Doctor Who, then I'd be OK with that. But my latest favorite is Ms. Marvel and Batgirl (but then, I'm a kind of Supergirl and Batgirl fan for some reason so anything with Batgirl is going to appeal to me). If you're  a comic book fan and this all sounds appealing to you, please check out the site by clicking here. 

BlogbatgirlAs a side note, speaking of Batgirl, my pal Frank reports that there is a new omnibus collection of Batgirl stories from 1967 - 1977. It's not comprehensive but if you like your bat character with a few curves and long red hair (and I know Todd is sitting there reading this nodding his head), then this is for you. Available at finer comic shops across the land.