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February 2018

Good Morning. Life is Like Tarragon

TarragonGood morning all - and happy Tuesday. Despite all the scary stuff happening out in the world, or, maybe because of it, life must go on. We must be resilient! 

Today, I start what I think/hope will be a new era of my life and while I'm not ready/able to talk about it just yet, know that I will when I can. 

Think of it like this: last summer, we grew a variety of plants - some decorative, some for cooking (and you all know how much we love cooking "in our tiny place" see my Instagram account @jacobandrewaltenburg). Some of them did well, some did not.

The tarragon was one of the ones that did just fine in the limited light of the space between our building and the one next door to us. 

This morning we noticed that the tarragon is growing. It's just a little sprig of green, really, but it's a promising start to the next growing season. Life is like that. There's a little sprig of possibility and you nurture it. You give it light, air, food, and attention and, with a little luck, it'll grow into something larger. 

With that in mind, enjoy this tune from MOANA, "How Far I'll Go" which seems particularly fitting for today. 

Enjoy the day and catch you back here again soon! 




MEMO 32 #misspiggy #tonyaharding #Itonya

Usually I like to post without comment but I felt this one might need a little explanation. A friend of mine on Facebook posted the French poster for the movie, I,Tonya, which translates into Moi,Tonya. Naturally, being a lifelong Miss Piggy fan, something clicked. Once I made the first change, I wondered if I should re-do the rest of the poster, but I believe that the simplicity of the gag works better. Enjoy! 


Good morning, Happy Valentine's Day 2018

ComicstripheartGood morning peeps - all my best wishes to you for a wonderful, warm Valentine's Day - or as my pal Matthew calls it, Singles Awareness Day - aka SAD. LOL Back in college my friend Lisa would wish everyone "Happy VD" which I found funny in 1984 and I still find funny now because, well, I am eternally 13 year old (your tsk tsk at that makes it seem like that's a bad thing! lol). 

Anyway, whether you're single or married or somewhere in between, rejoice. No, I mean it. Rejoice. You are alive. You are loved. You are here. And you have, no doubt, at some point, experienced love whether it be for a partner, or for a friend or family member (or maybe all three!). 

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, I've chosen to post this video of "I Believe in You" sung by Michael Buble and featuring Derek Hough dancing and spinning his butt off. It's joyful and yeah, if you're single, it might make you cry, but worth it for the joy it inspires. And you know, you don't need to have romantic love in order to love or be loved. You can take that to the bank.