54 - Mr. Blue Sky
54 - Empire State of Mind - Feeling Melancholy and Empowered

54 - Disney's 2000 Celebration

54In the year 2000, my world collapsed in a number of ways and I spent the year picking up the pieces of a life that was in tatters. I worked a job programming content at the Playboy Channel (yeah, you know, let's just skip over THAT lol) and as I drove over Laurel Canyon from my apartment in West Hollywood to the Valley, I listened to this piece, commissioned by Disney for a year long celebration at Walt Disney World. Every day I started over. Every day I celebrated. Every day I put the pieces of my life back together - financially, spiritually, and in many other ways as well. This music helped me find that joy. Actually the whole album is pretty magnificent and if you can find it, I heartily recommend seeking it out on You Tube and giving it a listen. I suppose for some people, this is too treacly and processed, but it gave me hope and still lifts me up and gives me strength. Enjoy!