54 - Disney's 2000 Celebration
54 - This Is What I Listened to While Learning to Draw

54 - Empire State of Mind - Feeling Melancholy and Empowered

54There are a bunch of my past selves who would JUMP FOR JOY knowing that I'd now lived in New York for 15 years straight in an apartment minutes from Times Square.

My 12 year old self who longed to visit the city he saw on "Saturday Night Live" and who tried to convince his parents to let him get on a bus and travel to NYC for a comic book convention. 

My 19 year old self who was momentarily unhappy with his choice of college and longed to go to the School of Visual Arts (but was talked out of it by a well meaning roommate).

My 22 year old self who visited for the first time on his way to studying in London but found the city too formidable and who was sad thinking he'd never be here. 

My 27 year old self who visited for a relative's wedding and who fell in love with the city for the first and only time. My love affair with New York City is one of my longest relationships. 

My 34 year old self who, after living here for four years, found love and opportunity out in California and left wondering if he'd ever make it back. 

My 39 year old self who, returning to New York to re-start his life and had trouble getting settled. 

All of those 'mes' would be thrilled. 

This song has been a bit of an anthem for me over the past few years (as it is for many many others, of course).