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Coming July 1, 2018

Good Morning and Happy Saturday! @ronstadtlinda @ZederSuz

Hi all and hope you're having a happy Saturday. In many parts of the country (especially here in NYC) there's a heat wave starting up. For those of you who have neighbors/parents who are getting up there in years, please do me a favor and find a few minutes throughout the next few days to check in on them.

Sometimes lower income elders don't turn on the AC because they can't afford it (and they think that they can "tough it out") or simply don't have it at all. It's a good thing to check in on these people and make sure they know someone cares and, if you know of a local library that's open or a senior center, offer to help them get there. I look at it like investing in the future - treat the elderly like you'd like to be treated when you get to that age. :) 

Here's Linda jamming about a Heatwave. Yeah, it's a predictable choice, but I don't think you mind, right? After all, it IS Linda Ronstadt and you can't go wrong with Linda. 

It seems like a good day to re-post an Angie strip from April. I kind of love the absurdity of this particular strip (I know that sounds a bit narcissistic since I created her with Woody, but .... there are times when I feel like children's theater author Suzan Zeder who famously (well, famously, in the realm of children's theater, anyway! lol) said that she didn't write her works, she merely transcribed them as they came from someplace and were on their way to someplace else. I tried to find the exact quote but, alas, she said it 25 years ago and while looking through her book of plays "Wish in One Hand, Spit in the Other" I could not locate it (I did, however, remind myself how much I love children's theater and how passionate I'd been about it during graduate school at Northwestern. Alas, my life took some different twists and turns - although, spending 20 years working within the LGBT community on activism and fundraising yielded other rewards that I could never have imagined, so, thankfully, there are no regrets.)

In any event, enjoy today's strip and tomorrow, be sure to check back here for the debut of a new character. :)  And, as always, comments are ON (and moderated) so please let me know your thoughts. Thanks and have a great Saturday!