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September 2018

Welcome Storyboard Art Friends

Hi all and thanks for visiting my site from the Storyboard Art talk this afternoon - it's a combination of my art and little blog posts. Since I know many of you are just visiting for the first time, here's a couple of recent pieces that I enjoyed creating - there's many more - best to click on this MEMO link or on the word MEMO in the category choices on the left. 

MEMO 44 MEMO 56.2

Thursday Morning - Bluebird Opening Reception @bluebirdlondon_nyc

One of the perks of being involved in the event planning world is that I'm on a lot of lists for various things and thus get invited to go do cool stuff.

Case in point - a couple weeks ago I was invited to the opening of the London restaurant, Bluebird, located in the Columbus Circle center here in NYC. A gorgeous space and a varied group of invitees mixing and mingling, drinking and eating.

Like many people, I find being thrown into a new situation without knowing anyone is a little anxiety generating ... but I have a networking rule - it's OK to feel out of sorts - and if you want to leave, that's OK too... but the rule is that I must get/give three business cards before I allow myself to vanish.

And that's what I did - I first met a great guy who works at the retail company Perch and his "oh my God how incredibly beautiful is she?" girlfriend. Then I met a woman who works for a restaurant magazine (thank you for letting me share your table so I could eat my incredibly delicious "oh my God how incredibly awesome is this?" chicken curry). I finally chatted with a young model who welcomed people into the space - she was way out away from the restaurant and looked a little lonely - so I thanked her for being a delightful welcoming committee for the party. 

Ok so I didn't give the last one my business card (because that seemed creepy) but I did meet my quota. I then took a few pics for my Instagram account (@jacobandrewaltenburg) and then I was off with another party under my belt.

I generally prefer managing these types of parties than going TO them to be honest but during this time in between major gigs, I've enjoyed getting the chance to perfect my guest attending skills again. :) 

Have a great Thursday! 



Tuesday Morning - the Mom Blog

Good morning all - today, September 18th it's been 6 years since my mom, Joan, passed away after a long illness.

My plans today are generally to do what I do every day - job hunt and create comics ... but on this day I'll also listen to The Lawrence Welk Theme "Goodnight" song (a kind of "our song" thing) and, of course "Tie a Yellow Ribbon" song (which is the basis for The Joan Project). Mom also liked a lot of 1940s standards. My favorite, although I don't know if she liked it (although I suspect she did) is "I'll Be Seeing You".

Mom used to sing to herself while taking the curlers out of her hair in the bathroom - she standing there singing in her gorgeous voice while a cigarette smoldered in an ashtray teetering on the bathroom sink. The bathroom was tiny but had good acoustics and her quiet sound filled the room with joy. On occasion, I would sit in there with her and we'd talk about things. While strange, I suppose, those times are among those that I cherish, and the ones I miss most. 

Here's a pic from last year's remembrance of her - I went down to Riverside Park and enjoyed a little "mom and me" time. I was feeling particularly hopeless about a lot of things as I had, at that point, just finished some things in my life and was feeling a little bummed out about my life. To my surprise, Mom arranged for The Yellow to be presented to me in a way that was as big so that I couldn't possibly ignore it or write it off as 'coincidence'. No, I'm convinced that my mom chose to show me that she was looking out for me. And that mattered. 

Anyway, if your mom is still alive, consider honoring her with a phone call or note or even a visit. If she's not around any longer, I challenge you to make a list of all the ways in which she influenced your life. I will bet, in either case, you will be happy with the results. :) 

Have a great Tuesday!