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Hello and Happy Sunday

Organment2018Here in New York City the Mister and I have spent the day just kind of lounging and spending the day indoors. It isn't particularly cold but we stayed up late decorating the tree and watching the back half of Downton Abbey season 6. Yeah, we're a little late to this party but I also only finally saw Rocky's 1 and 2 a couple weeks ago so I am apparently just crossing stuff off of my 'to watch' list. I am preparing to dive into "Game of Thrones" next month as a lead up to the last few episodes of that which are slated to air in April. Then, we have the conclusions of the Marvel Cinematic Universe ("Avengers 4:  Endgame") and the final flick in the Star Wars triple trilogy. With my 55th birthday coming up in March (and 55 being such a prominent thing in my life the past 15 years AND the age my dad was when he got sick) and the Trip to Mosinee in June, it promises to be a pretty fabulous, and quite possibly 'epic' year. Hope you'll join me here for the twists and turns and thoughts. 

As I've written on here before, I have been making plans to move off of social media and focus my writing and cartooning to this blog. Naturally, I'll still promote my work on the FB and things like that but there have been so many negative revelations about the company of late, that I cannot in good conscience feel safe there any longer. It's sad. I like the whole idea of Facebook and I've certainly reconnected with a number of friends from various places I've lived and jobs I've held..... but the Sandberg stuff irritates me and, well, in general I think it's time to shift focus. (Now, this isn't saying that I'll never post frivolous stuff, because we all know that I will... but hopefully I'll spend more time creating work here and less time there. Should be fun to see how it plays out, eh?). 

As you might notice, I've done a little re-do to the left with more coming probably by the end of the year. Above: the Mister suggested that this might be the perfect ornament for these tangled times - a sort of post-modern commentary on something or other. 

Enjoy your Sunday and will be back again soon.