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January 2019

Please Stand By Phase 4

Well, as I posted a few days ago, all will be revealed on/around February 1. Hope this is teaching you patience, because that's what this process has been teaching me. Small, incremental changes each day towards a goal, which, in and of itself, is only really a step to a larger goal. Veruca Salt was on the money when she said "I want it and I want it NOW", because, the anticipation is killing me, although, as Willy Wonka said, "I hope it lasts". :) Thus, my modern first world dilemma. 

So tomorrow, Monday, January 28th, I start Phase 4. There will be a fifth phase, I think, although at this point, I'm not 100% sure. We're in a weird place in the process now. Yeah, I know. It's annoying and not that interesting for me to be this cryptic and, yeah, I know, with such a build up, it had better be worth it. I think it is. I hope it is. I guess I (and you) will know for sure soon enough. 

In the meantime, part of my process is making tracks to move off of communicating mostly through Facebook ... so if you want to write to me directly, use my gmail address.... if you want to get on a semi weekly newsletter list, email me at my gmail address. I wouldn't mind a call or a text if you have that number. Naturally, too, you can also leave a comment here and I'll see it before approving it so if you don't have the gmail or the phone, leave a message and I'll reach out after I delete the comment. 

Please Stand By 04b

Please Stand By Phase 3

Phase 2 is finished (that was a short one!) and now an equally short Phase 3 is about to commence. 

Please stand by. All will be revealed soon. Ish. Soonish. It'll be worth it. Ish. Worth-ish. Really. Money back guarantee (wait, what?). 

Do not adjust your internet. 

Please Stand By 03b