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How To Be Happy




Good morning and Happy Tuesday!

Today, February 26th marks 5 years since I retired my fundraising Bingo nights. How time flies.

Every week from February 16th, 2005 - February 26th, 2014 I produced and emceed 457 two hour fundraising events that featured a range of guests from drag queens to soap stars to burlesque performers, activists, writers, singers, and much MUCH more. It was truly a highlight of my life and, well, I do miss it.

But, at the time, I had an intense corporate events management job and I just couldn't maintain the weekly show no matter how hard I tried. I produced another baker's dozen shows in 2015 (how I had missed it!) but I think the idea had run its course, and that's OK. I'd been emceeing and producing events in and around LGBT nightlife in multiple cities for about 20 years non-stop at that point so I think a bit of 'time off' was more than due. 

Fast forward five years and find myself missing working as an emcee. So I'm am putting that out in to the universe these days to see what will happen. 

So, this day reminds me of that cliche - do what makes you happy. Don't let others tell you who you are based on their very limited view of you. Nice to get feedback, but take it with a grain of salt. Only you know you. I didn't really have any nay sayers in my life telling me not to do Bingo, but that's mostly because, by that time, in that niche market, I'd proven myself as someone who could successfully produce ongoing events.

But there will always be people who are only too happy to be Debbie Downers in your life - "you'll never do this", "you'll never do that". It's up to us to tell them to their face or, in the case of a boss at work who clearly has zero belief in ones abilities despite evidence to the contrary, tell them in your head that they are simply full of sh*t. They don't have a crystal ball. They aren't running your life. They are only projecting their own crap. It's up to each of us to weigh the truth and dismiss anything and everything that isn't constructive or helpful, no matter who it is saying it. 

Have a great day today and remember, only you can do you. Be nice to you!