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March 2019

My Noggin's Uncloggin


Hello there and Happy Friday and, of course, Happy March. Just a few more days til the Big 55th Birthday on March 9th! Don't worry if you can't get your gift to me here by then, I will be accepting presents for the 55th birthday for the next 12 months. Because why celebrate on just one day when 12 months is an option? LOL 

For a variety of reasons (all good) I'm in a place in my life where I will have time and energy to continue to write and draw the MEMO comic strip as well as continue telling my story under the JOHNS AND MARYS banner. Comments are appreciated and are, btw, monitored by myself before they get posted. 

The past few months has been an especially challenging time work-wise and I'm extremely grateful for the Mister's cheerful support even though I know it's been hard on him too. I've also had a couple friends who have been there for me as 'agony aunts' when I needed them. I'm grateful for them too. 

The stress and anxiety of going through this time has ultimately sapped my creative energy which is why I've been absent from continuing the stories of Angie, Juniper, Nanny Noodle Legs, The Lone Apple, the Bovines, and so forth. I'm finding it's not as easy as I thought to re-open the floodgates of ideas so I hope you'll be patient with me - I did a little meditation last weekend and feel as though my 'noggin's uncloggin' from all the worries  .... and it might not be as quickly as I'd like it to be, but if there is one thing that the last three years have taught me, it's patience. It's actually a lifelong learning process for me but I think I'm a little bit more 'there' these days than I have been but I'm still working on it and wishing I'd get there faster.... Geez, I'm even impatient about learning patience. LOL :) 

Have a great Friday, all and have a FABULOUS weekend!