Spring 2019 Photo by Andrew Altenburg
On A Day Like This, I Need The Lord to HEP Me

The Saturday in April

Good morning and Happy Saturday!

Spring 2019bI know some of you have been sniffling and sneezing this week due catching a cold in the 'fake spring' of Wednesday when I, like many people, got caught up in the joy of a warmish day and wore a lighter jacket instead of bundling up like an adult. What can I say? I had taken the day off of to enjoy a kind of day of nothing and found myself in Riverside Park mid afternoon listening to music from "Game of Thrones" and "The Lego Movie 2" (no one can accuse me of not having range) while sitting on my favorite park bench overlooking empty baseball fields.

All around me spring was making itself known and I got in some good photos. I freely admit that I could have allergies rather than a cold, but the end result is the same - I'm a kind of slobbery mess. I did do the smart thing and avoided an event planner networking thing Thursday night. I'm pretty sure everyone appreciated not having to shake a germy hand and listen to me, the serial sniffler, all night long. I missed seeing my pals from NYC & Co and others from the biz, but, as we all know, there are always other events (that's kind of what an event planner DOES).  I ended up going to bed early and having a recurring, ongoing dream that I was a campaign event organizer for Presidential hopeful, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg. Up until this week I hadn't really paid that much attention to him, but the other day I watched a short video and was very impressed. He's definitely someone to watch out for (and I look forward to creating a lot of his events lol).  

As for the rest of the weekend, I'm going to hydrate, rest, and let my sinuses drain. Have a great weekend everyone!