Good morning, New York and Happy Saturday!
Finding Joy

About Last Night's Manhattanhenge/Blackout Spectacular #manhattanhenge #newyorkcity

Manhattanhenge2019Good morning and Happy Sunday. 

Last night we got caught between the blackout and Manhattanhenge.

We were coming back from a birthday party in Brooklyn and decided, somewhat unfortunately, to get off in midtown around 7:45pm to grab dinner. The streets were filled with hoards of people milling about as the theaters had just closed from the shutdown.

It was a kind of just the kind of crowded smush that the Mister and I earnestly avoid, and there we were smack dab in the middle of all the chaos. As they had already announced before we got out of the subway that the Columbus Circle station was closed due to lack of power, we figured we would be better off forging ahead and getting a cab on 10th Ave. Uptown we went passing by one dark building after another until W. 72nd Street marked the end of it. 

A few minutes later we stumbled out of the cab, took a shot of Manhattanhenge and enjoyed dinner at one of favorite uptown eateries. We live on W. 102nd and no power outage at home. 

Manhattanhenge has always been one of my favorite weird, fun New Yorkery things to do and due to various circumstances over the past couple years (weather, travel, work) I've missed the last several, but glad to have caught a glimpse of the one last night.

Life has been so kooky over the past few weeks that I'm glad that we ended up skirting the calamity and having a beautiful night!