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CongratsOk so the other day at work, a colleague of mine got a bunch of us together to celebrate the 30th anniversary of one colleague and the promotion of another. Office jockeys know this is known as "a totes legit reason to have cake". My colleague who ordered the cake from a local Baskin-Robbins was kind of having what is known as "a day" so I offered to go and pick it up for her even though I was having "a day" as well. For me, the cure for "a day" is getting out of the office for a few minutes and going to get cake was as good a reason as any. 

Without going into the whole opera about it, the guys at the Baskin-Robbins weren't really having a great day either and they scrawled the wrong thing on the cake and had to re-do. For some reason, this took about a half hour. And then at one point, the guy came out and asked how to spell "congrats". I am not kidding. I gave him my best gay stare, the kind that Meryl Streep as fauxAnnaWintour can only hope to live up to, and yes, I had to write down "c o n g r a t s" on a piece of paper. 

A few minutes later we got the cake in the picture. 

It's technically correct, I suppose, but.... really? We all had a good laugh about it back at the office, started cutting when I realized I wanted to immortalize it, we ate it, and then went on with our day.

I have to admit, the longer I stare at it, the less weird it gets for me. I'm not sure why. Perhaps the artist in me appreciates the use of negative space.. and that "G" is actually pretty awesome. It kind of looks like it should have a word balloon around it and one of my comic strip characters beneath it, right? 

But anyway, it all taught me a few things:

First, even cake with a strange looking inscription is still cake and that's never a bad thing (and it was delicious). 

Second, those who were given the cake were thrilled and probably thought only of their achievement, not the look of the reward. (This is a handy talent to have in the world). 

Third, you can't take it for granted that people know how to do basic things. 

Fourth, patience is a virtue. 

Fifth, it's easy to look at the 'mistakes' rather than focus on the other things - for example, the decor around the edges is pretty nice but if I'm only looking at the 'mistake', I'm going to miss the rest of it. 

And I share this not to shame the Baskin-Robbins folks, but to point out that so often we have a picture in the world of things as we think they are supposed to be... but they rarely ever turn out as the picture in our head depicts them. So, I urge you to simply do your best to accept whatever it is that comes your way, even if it doesn't look exactly how you thought it would, or should. 

and honestly, if you can do that? well.... I have a cake for you. :)   >wink<