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The Moon Came Out Early Today - Happy Anniversary Apollo 11! #moon #1969

AliceblogThere'll be think pieces galore today, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. I was 5 and watched it, for some reason, in my dad's bedroom on a tiny portable silver Sony tv. Being 5 I don't know that I had that much sense of how spectacular it was - a kid with a vivid imagination has already been to a dozen other planets by the time he's 5. :) 

Anyway, you'd think my favorite moon related thing would be the famous New Yorker cartoon I've posted here (so brilliant!) but, really, my favorite "moon" thing is the mention of it in the SNL Lisa Loopner sketch with Gilda Radnor, Bill Murray, Jane Curtain, and Dan Ackroyd. Not the same type of "moon" of course, but my favorite nonetheless. 

Happy 50th Apollo 11!