I Saw What You Did #Lyft
The Moon Came Out Early Today - Happy Anniversary Apollo 11! #moon #1969

Rat Tat Too Ee (Sadly, this title is not click-baity enough, but whatevs)


Good morning, and happy heat wave.

For those up in the middle of it, stay cool and stay hydrated. If you have an elderly neighbor, please check in on them esp if they live alone - they may have turned off their ac in order to save money. Today it's supposed to be 99 degrees. Oh joy. No, not another 'weather' post (see here for the one I wrote on Thursday), just an acknowledgment that 'holy cow, it's a scorcher!" :) 

A couple of other things while I have your attention - if you think that anyone who wants your data doesn't already have it, you're kidding yourself.... at this stage, no app is going to 'take your data' - please stop spreading fear that 'the app is taking my data'. Yes, yes it is. ... but a million others (including Facebook) already have. The irony of shrilly exclaiming data theft on a social media site is hilarious. Cut it out. 
The CATS trailer does indeed look super creepy and absolutely like "The Island of Dr. Moreau" - the proportions are off and the makeup/CGI looks off somehow ... but whatchagonnado? It is, after all, CATS. 
I'll admit that I, like many others, read my horoscope... specifically Free Will Astrology. I used to read it in the Village Voice and then it had to move online. I check it weekly and sometimes it gives me hope, sometimes it intrigues - this week's is the latter: 

PISCES (February 19-March 20)

"The heroine of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass is curious, adventurous, and brave. First she follows a well-dressed rabbit down a rabbit hole into an alternate universe. Later she slips through a mirror into yet another parallel reality. Both times, with great composure, she navigates her way through many odd, paranormal, and unpredictable events. She enjoys herself immensely as she deals with a series of unusual characters and unfamiliar situations. I'm going to speculate that Alice is a Pisces. Are you ready for your very own Alice-in-Wonderland phase? Here it comes!"
As an event planner who is faced every day with a variety of situations, I wonder, how much odder, unpredictable, unusual, and unfamiliar could life get? (Maybe I am about to find out!) I find the best way to deal with these things is to kind of 'lean in' as best as you can - go with the crazy and accept it. My job is actually to iron it out a bit and work 'with' the creases rather than against them. Mostly. Except when it's not. Then it's something different. And this is why God created bourbon. :) 
Finally, here's my to do list for today: 
1. Open Your Heart.
2. Open Your Mind.
3. Turn Around.
4. Say Goodbye.
5. Hold On For One More Day.

Good morning, it's Saturday, hello and 'nice butt'.