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The Wow Factor

It's true that there are plenty ups and downs to every profession. But the events profession sometimes feels as though it has more 'downsides' than 'upsides'. This isn't true, of course, but like every job, it's easy to get bogged down by the things that are a drag. 

LibertyblogThe biggest upside is that my job often takes me to interesting venues and locations that I, as an average Joe, would not otherwise have access to - and yesterday, as I rode in a speed boat across the Hudson on my way to a site visit of a venue for an event I'm working on for October, I felt giddy as I was suddenly aware that there I was riding in a speed boat across the Hudson on my way past the Statue of Liberty (me: "oh my gosh, it's RIGHT THERE!!") to what would turn out to be an extraordinarily gorgeous venue! 

And the wow factor isn't just for the city  - this also happened on a recent trip back to my hometown in Wisconsin - I haven't been in awhile and I was reminded just how amazingly gorgeous the place is - the rivers, the mountains, the farmlands, everything. I found myself experiencing the wow factor there too. 

There's certainly a small neurotic voice that pops up when I get like this that tries to stamp out that enthusiasm with the argument that at my age I 'should' stop being such a kid ... but I can't help it, it's in my DNA.

And you know what? I'm glad that I still have the wow factor; that I'm still surprised, impressed, and tickled by things like this. I think I'll be bummed if I stopped thinking "THIS IS SO COOL!!" when experiencing super cool things. 

A few nights ago I found myself at a networking event in Long Island City and happened to chat with a guy, about my age, who has spent his entire life in the NY area. I found a kindred spirit as our exchanges were basically "what super cool things have you done with your life?" "Wow, that's so awesome, here's what I've done!" "Wow, that's so neat". Honestly, it was like we were two 13 year old boys at summer camp comparing notes and that, in and of itself, was kinda awesome. 

Look, it's easy to forget just how amazing life is; the world certainly does not encourage expressing this, but tourists know. Although they annoy the heck out of New Yorkers, when I see a tourist stare up at the tall buildings, I think, 'they are having a wow factor moment'. I just wish they'd not do it in the middle of the sidewalk when I'm late for work <wink> 

In any event, today's assignment:  Find your enthusiasm again and enjoy the 'wow' factor!