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We're Cookin Grub In Our Tiny Place #rihanna #coqauvin #crockpot

Tinyplaceblog2For those of you who may have been following me the past couple years on Instagram, you'll be pleased to know, after a brief hiatus during the recent heat wave, we're once again cookin in our tiny place. 

Yesterday, Sunday, the Mister cooked up a mean coq au vin in the crockpot and we had one amazing dinner. Yum. He even managed to make turnips taste good. I'm currently reading a book about the myths and legends of "Native Americans" and turnips are mentioned often. Not that that is why we included them, but it was a nice bit of life following art. 

In any event, if you haven't been following my Instagram, no worries, I'll be posting here going forward - my bf and I cook (well, most often HE cooks, I just take pictures) of meals we make in our incredibly small New York apartment with a teeny bit of counter space and usually for less than the price of what it costs one person to eat out: last night's dinner cost us $14: eight pieces of chicken (two of which we froze for another meal), a turnip, a carrot and an afternoon in the crockpot. Ok there was a couple of tablespoons of flour thrown in to the gravy  - so, maybe $14.25. And it made two meals and it was DELICIOUS. The crockpot is an amazing invention. 

We both say we long for the day when we'll live in a house with a proper amount of prep and cooking space (and, well, real ventilation, rather than a fan hooked up near the stove during the summer... sigh) but we'll probably look back at these days with great fondness. ......ok,  naaaah. LOL 

As a side note, for those of you who are Rihanna fans, "we're cookin grub in our tiny place" meters out to "we found love in a hopeless place". Someday we'll post a video of us singing the theme song, but only when we can guarantee that Rihanna won't sue! ;) (Come for dinner Rihanna, we love you!)