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Brittany Runs a Marathon #runbrittanyrun

UnknownGood morning - the other night I got the opportunity to attend a screening of BRITTANY RUNS A MARATHON and man, it was just the right thing for me to see right now.

How it ends is, well, right there in the title of the movie, but this is one flick where it's literally the journey to get to that place is the story. 

It follows a certain formula - screwed up person starts taking care of themselves and then their life changes until their resistance wears down, they screw up big time but win in the end. 

And yet, despite that formula, the script is quite good and the performers are so charming, that I got swept up in it all. Unlike some entries in this type of movie, BRITTANY RUNS A MARATHON really feels like she earned her success rather than simply going through some training montages and calling it a day. 

Jillian Bell plays Brittany with an acid tongue a severely self deprecating wit, not only makes this movie work, but allows herself to look incredibly unflattering in awkward scenes of Brittany at her most bitter. Micah Stock makes a big impression as her best pal with a Bill Murrayish personality - a redo of STRIPES would be a perfect vehicle for him. 

It opens nationwide on Friday, August 23rd, run to see it!