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If You Want To Talk, Why Are You Sitting In the Quiet Car? And Other New York Mysteries

NjtransitI travel back and forth from New York to Short Hills, NJ at least once or twice a week and I am in a profession that's fairly stressful, so when I get on NJ Transit, I aim for the quiet car. Yeah, I know it's not the "mute" car, but geez louise, if you want to yak IN A VOICE LIKE THIS, why would you sit in the quiet car knowing you're bugging the crud out of people? I mean, if you're just a jerk, then have at it, but.... are people really that mean or are they just clueless? There are at least a half dozen other cars devoted to "talk as much as you want, go crazy" why pick the one where people are trying to get away from.. well, you? 

But then, New York City holds many mysteries. 

Such as, if heat rises, why are the subway platforms like saunas? It's not like they're hermetically sealed, there is (admittedly only some) ventilation. 

I also continuously wonder how it is that people don't understand that sidewalks are a pedestrian's two lane highway. Always walk on the right. Is this different in other states/countrys/planets? 

Speaking of planets, on which planet do people have to be from not to know that when you get to the top of a stairway, you keep moving? Triple ditto for an escalator. I have remarked over the years to friends and they respond that I'm being too "New Yorkery"... but really, where on Earth do people not know how to use stairs? An eternal mystery. 

The above falls under the same category as the guy (and it's almost a guy) who stands in the subway doorway and then grunts when you try to, you know, get IN to the car. But there's always people of both genders who don't know the spread of their own butt and think that they can sit down in spaces that they... uhm really can't fit. Think: Winnie the Pooh trying to leave Rabbit's side of the hill home. 

I was talking to a friend the other night who moved back from LA a year ago and we were comparing "I nearly got killed driving in LA" stories, so by and large, the Mysteries of New York aren't life threatening, just garden variety annoying. 

May your weekend be free of mystery and incredibly joyful! 

P.S. the photo of the graffiteed NJ Transit sign has nothing really do with this blog post, I just thought it fit in the theme of New Yorkers/New Jerseyans (?) who can't even anymore. lol