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The Quacktastic Four

Fantastic four duck

Good morning - did you know that it's been ten years since Disney acquired Marvel? 

Frankly, at the time, I lamented that there would be more crass cross promotion and less creative output, or that the once champion of social issues might become less textured and more family friendly .... and thankfully, I was wrong. I think Disney has successfully managed their Marvel properties in such a way that shows great restraint and conscience. 

Earlier this year, Disney closed on a deal to acquire Fox and, in the deal, got XMen and The Fantastic Four. I suspect the next wave for Marvel will be spotlighting these characters now that Captain America and Iron Man have left the cinematic universe stage (well, sort of, in that way that comic book characters never really leave, they just have the baton passed to them). 

In the next wave of movies,  I would like Marvel to consider replacing Sue Storm (in the Fantastic Four) with Daisy Duck.  I don't know why, but the idea of it made me so happy that I created a graphic illustrating what this would look like. Note to Disney: please don't sue me. :)

Just a little nonsense for a Saturday morning. Hope your holiday weekend is off to a great start!