Gone Fishin'
I Know, girl, I KNOW

Tis Friday

.... and we're back just in time for a long holiday weekend. We had a lovely time, ate too much, and, as always, a good time was had by all. There was lush countryside that reminded me of where I grew up and we saw family. 

LandscapeblogOne of the highlights was hitting up a craft beer festival which brought two revelations -

...one, it's nice to try some new beers, but I definitely do not want the Venn diagram of beer and Jolly Rancher flavors to have any overlap. No mango beer. No orange beer. Just. Say. No. I think my friend Steve from Houston would have loved this, however. 

The other revelation had to do with expectations - we stayed at a guest house and the owner told us to expect it to be packed since it was sold out. I feared the worst. Visions of New York street festivals and Southern Decadence filled my head. But, as we were downing another 3 oz sample, we realized that 'this' was as crowded as it was going to get and ... it wasn't that crowded. Someone near us said to his buddies that next year they should go to (a neighboring town) because "it's half the crowds"... and I had to giggle. This is a crowd? 

Enjoy the upcoming weekend whereever it will take you - drop a note to let me know what you've been up to - you can leave it in the comments or shoot me an email (the link is up above on the left); always happy to hear the latest of what's going on in YOUR life! :)