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We Grew This Grub #fireescapegarden

Good morning! 


While our fire escape and rooftop garden weren't the raging success they usually are, we did get this yield of tomatoes and an eggplant this year. We're not sure if it's the first harvest or basically the only harvest, but it is something after all.

We planted late because of the heavy rain and the cold this past spring and then there was a couple normal weeks before the intense heat of July descended upon us. Frankly, that we got what we did is appreciated as we had a few plants die off.

The flowers I planted in the box next to my side of the kitchen table sort of got lost in a combination of tall grass and some sort of 'weed' that has a horsetail type bloom. I'm not sure how one can get random grass and weeds in a window box four stories up, but we managed to do it. I've given over to them, however, as they are the only things that have been growing really well this year creating a green wall which is all that stands between me and the pigeons that have taken up residence in a tiny corner of the window box despite our efforts to shoo them away by plunging long wooden "stakes" to prevent them from landing... these birds are so smart they just brushed them aside with a side eye smirk to me of "ok hotshot, your move" (but then, well, 'side eye' is really the only thing that birds CAN give so they may not really be giving me shade as much as well just simply looking at me). 

But I digress, wildly. 

Have a great day everyone and see you back here on the Jumping for Joy blog tomorrow!

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