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No Sale For That Bill of Goods

NosaleblogDuring the 911 time of year, I get wistful. Many do. It's that thing of facing our own mortality and seeing things for what truly matters.

I remember a time three years ago when I got on the 7 bus to go to East Harlem to meet the Mister for dinner. I transferred to the 116 bus and decided to pull out my phone and txt that I was most of the way there.

In a sudden panic I realized that my phone was not on me. I thought I must have left it on the 7 which was miraculously still behind the 116.

I got on in a lather searching franticly for a dropped phone. Everyone saw the look on my face and knew what I was doing. One guy suggested that I call my phone.

Now, being a New Yorker, my first thought was "how can I call myself without my phone?" .... but then I realized the guy was offering me his phone to use. To me. A total stranger.  And not just him, but literally five others on the bus were holding their phones out for me to use. In the middle of a bus on a Saturday night.

I quickly called myself, and, hearing no buzz (Im always on silent mode) realized that it wasnt there. After many thank yous I got off the bus and just happened to catch a bus going back the other direction (towards my apt). I went all the way back home and was grateful that Id just left it on the kitchen counter and that it was just an absent minded professor moment.

But it reminded me that the bill of goods we are sold by the politicians, the media (fake AND real!) and the internet - that people are selfish and terrible, the world is hell and everyone hates each other - that bill of goods is just garbage. NO SALE!  (as my friend Rolondo might say)

Again and again I see people helping each other even in the big bad city.

Sure, that was just a little moment in time and would appear to be meaningless- but I still remember it three years later and it means something.

People ARE kind and that maybe that kindness can last longer than September 12.. Or December 26... Or, well you get the idea.

May all your missing phones be on your kitchen counter, and may there be those around you to help you find that out. 

Peace. :)