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View From the Ferris Wheel

GennaroblogYesterday, we needed a break. 

From work, from home, from internet, from cooking, from writing, from it all. 

The first half of the afternoon was spent spelunking in an old warehouse in the bowels of Brooklyn that houses thousands of old comic books. Getting to this place was like going to a super villains lair. I half expected the Riddler to pop out of the men's room and Catwoman to be over by the coffee machine stirring in Cremora. But it is spectacular. And spectacularly chaotic. You'd think my OCD would leave me unable to stay for long, but, strangely it was SO all over the place that I found it best to simply focus on one old title that I'm starting to collect and leave the rest to another day. It's definitely a place where you literally might find anything in any box at any time. I was looking through a box from one company and found a treasure that had been mis-filed. I bought it, of course, because, it was clear just laying there for me to find. Collecting is like this. The thrill is in the hunt and discovery. And that you know you'll find some gems in odd places ropes one in even more. Little successes when the odds are stacked against you is the reason that Las Vegas exists. 

After an hour in that, we went back to Manhattan and stopped at the San Gennaro Feast (now through September 22 in Little Italy). The streets are filled with locals and tourists (and locals that decide to pretend we're tourists) drinking, smoking cigars and eating a lot of food that's delicious but will probably kill you. Such is life. If I wanted to live to be a million, I'd wrap myself up in bubble wrap rather than eating a cannoli. So there's that. 

A dinner at our favorite place down there along with a bottle of our favorite red wine (that we strangely can only find there, how is that possible?) and then a walk up to the West Village where we stopped in to my new favorite comic book shop -the Mysterious Time Machine - but I don't think anyone really knows it by that name - it's just the cool comic book place one flight down into the lower level of a building that serves honey flavored bourbon on Wednesday evenings (comic book day). I had my umpteenth nerdy conversation of the day about comic books. I sometimes think I know way too much about this stuff. I do love the genre though. :) 

At one point back at the street fair we rode the Ferris Wheel. From the spin, you can see a lot of the layout of the street and the motion seems comforting somehow. I loved the reflection of the lights in the windows of the buildings next door and we joked about vomiting on people below, because that's what you do when you're middle-aged going on 13. :) 

From that high up, things don't look so bad. The colors, the lights, the dull roar of the crowd enjoying life, the universe, and everything. 

Some days it's easy to get caught up in the minutiae and, while important to know, following our story, which comic book is in which box and how many calories are in a zeppole, it's probably better that there are also some days when you just ride the Ferris wheel and see all the glory of life laid out in front of you in a technicolor spread.