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International Coffee Day #october

Good morning and Happy October. It's International Coffee Day and yes, it's a real thing. 

There's no real special way to celebrate, just chug down your favorite cup of Joe and SPEED THROUGH YOUR DAY LIKE YOU'RE ON FIRE! 

BusteloI didn't start drinking any kind of coffee-like drink until 2011 when I was dating a guy whose apartment always smelled of Cafe Bustelo. I had always loved that aroma but had thought that the taste was nasty.

I am willing to admit that I based this dislike on two things - my mother's coffee breath (mixed with cigarettes and her perfume) and terrible awful taste of coffee ice cream. Upon reflection, neither was, of course, a gauge how I would myself like or not like an actual coffee product. 

Flash forward to autumn 2011 when I was at a moment in my life where I was more or less starting from scratch and was willing to try things, even things I swore I didn't like (I will say for the record that my refusal to eat any condiments - ketchup, mustard, etc - on the basis that 'they're yucky' is unwavering).

Anyway, he offered to make me a cappuccino with his fancy schmancy espresso machine and, when I realized it was basically a caffeinated milk shake, I fell in love. Oh, no, not with him, the relationship with him didn't last much longer but that's OK; the love of all things coffee more than took up the slack. I think I got the better end of the deal. 

So Happy International Coffee Day to all of those who are reading this blog post through hazy morning eyes!