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A Wish for 2020 #creativity

My pal Rolando Teco wrote a post on his Extra Criticum blog site about finding the will to continue to live a creative life even when life has sucked that will out of us - but... 

"..From that most scary place, waiting just around the bend will be something wonderful and unexpected and astonishing. Something powerful enough to inspire even the most cynical among us to do it all again."

And I have to give him an Amen.

BlogangieAs the Mister and I are going on a real, actual, vacation to Fort Lauderdale tomorrow, I have spent today 'putting away' 2019. For me, that means cleaning up email boxes, moving things off of my laptop and over to my external hard drive, and generally ticking a lot of things off of a list. 

But sadly, another year without Splot movement and kind of worse, my total output for MEMOs was 7 in this whole year. I kind of stopped when I realized that, and got depressed for a bit.

It's not really for a lack of ideas, just for a lack of time and energy from a new demanding job (which I love, of course) after two other jobs in 2019 (long story, don't ask, it's not as bad as it sounds but it has been a whirlwind).

Thankfully, one of Santa's presents this year was a little ipad on which I can use to draw on the train, plane, etc. The added mobility in the drawing arena will help, I think (I HOPE).

My wish for you in 2020 is simply that you find the way to do the thing you love in a way that makes the most sense, is affordable, and allows your creative juices to overflow.... because we need your voice. 

Hope everyone had a great holiday, now, get back to work! lol ;)