A Wish for 2020 #creativity
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Here's To Friends!

2019 Friends CHappy Saturday, all - today we are flying to Fort Lauderdale - ok, I'm writing this on Friday evening because I am thisclose to deciding not to take my laptop ... I have to take my work laptop for a 'just in case' situation with an event happening right after our work break (which lasts til Jan 2) so am not sure that I want to schlep two (been there, done that). 

You know, this was a super kooky year but I've made it nearly to the end and still have (most of) my sanity. :)

Some of that sanity has to do with you, my pals. 

Whether we hung out in Wisconsin, on the roof of our friend's apartment on W. 14th Street, or this birthday party or that birthday party, or simply finding times to meet up for drinks and laffs, at work, at play, whereever... you all have been the glue that has kept my year together. 

So here's to you all and may we find ourselves seeing more of each other in 2020! 

P.S. the collage is definitely a sampling and not representative of the sum total of friends we hung out with in 2019! :)