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Coronavirus: You Are Loved @mkik808 #danceparty #youareloved


It's understandable to get depressed and be emotional these days - my God, I would be worried for someone if they WEREN'T flipping out.  Between the news and the panic as well as the indifference to a certain segment of the human community, I have been beside myself for days. There will be better days ahead but right now we're staying at home. I'm now on Day 18.

But yesterday I logged on to Mark Kanemura's Instagram feed  (I'd been hearing about it for days) - he throws an amazing dance party starting at 2pm PT / 5pm ET and the positivity and joy that emanate from him is infectious (in the not lethal way, of course!) :) 

I needed this emotional injection of positivity, energy, and joy, more than I can say. This man is provided the best source of healing for the grieving I am going through (click here for a great article about the grief we're all going through). 

It's 30 minutes of aerobic fun but frankly I was having a late afternoon nap when I logged on and didn't even get up at all. It threw me back to the mid 90s gay bar/club scene here in NYC - the same fun energy that kept me going back to Splash, Paladium, Limelight and more is present here.... 

Log on. Enjoy it. Move with Mark. Or just listen. I can't promise your life will be changed, but mine was. And I thank you, Mark for this. 

And remember: You Are Loved. 

Monday, March 9th, 2020 #birthday #happybirthday

BirthdaygummiBLOGGood morning! Today is March 9th and I'm taking the day off my job to celebrate my birthday - no big plans, really, and it looks like it's going to be a gorgeous day! 

Being in the corporate events world, we are dealing with internal cancellations, contingency plans for  mitigating financial loss as well as providing steady support for stakeholders. Keeping a calm head while under crisis is kind of what we do. Mostly this involves a good sense of humor and distilling problems into small bite sized action items. 

In between dealing with that, I've continued to repaint the place. It's not always 100% where I want it to be, but it's already a million times better than it was. That's kind of like life, I guess. But the entire place is done except for the long hallway where I hang all of our art. It's been a deep orange for nearly a decade and I need a change but haven't yet figured out what's next. It's a process, I suppose. And let me tell you, we always say we live in a tiny place, but it's not until one has to paint the whole thing does one really understand how much space one really has. 

Speaking of process, I'm learning how to create art in Procreate on an ipad - So far, my biggest learning curve is to just get used to how it works ("why is the pen only erasing SOME of the lines?", for example). I think I'll get the hang of it especially if I take it slow. Again, it's distilling problems into small bite sized action items, like 'how do I turn this on, again?" ;) 

As with every birthday in the modern age, I love the Facebook and LinkedIn birthday cascade; it's really the primary reason I love the platforms as much as I do. So, thanks to those of you reading this have reached out; it's appreciated. 

Now, I'm off to enjoy the day, I hope you're able to do the same!

Happy New Ear #2020

So, true story: we went dancing at Hunters in Fort Lauderdale last Sat night and, to protect our hearing, my BF and I put earplugs in our ears to muffle the sound (slightly). We had a wonderful time and even shared the few extra ear plugs we had with others on the dance floor. 

UrgentblogThe next morning, my right ear was blocked with that feeling you get when you've just gotten off of a plane... and I could not get it to "un-block". I also had a bit of pain and hearing loss. Nothing monumental, but definitely not normal. 

I hemmed and hawed about this chalking it up to a bit of extra wax lodged somewhere in the ear canal, but, as the day for our return flight approached, I started worrying that it could be something worse (like a perforated eardrum) that could be made worse by being on an airplane. 

Finally, on New Year's Eve, I got worried enough that we went to urgent care. 

It turned out that the earplugs had pushed a big glop of wax back to the drum. They pulled it all out (it was literally the size of an earbud) and I instantly felt great relief - pain gone and, most significantly, I could instantly hear better than I have heard in many years. I didn't even realize that I had been having trouble hearing in that ear until I could hear normally; apparently it had been a very slow and subtle buildup.

We ended up going out to a party and had an amazing time. Had I been worrying all night, it would have ruined the 'good time, had by all' that we had til the wee hours of the morning (grin). 

So the moral to the story is: Sometimes you have to go through scary stuff to get through to the good stuff. 

Oh, and remember to clean your ears on a regular basis. 

Wishing you all a Happy New Ear!