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January 2020

Lil Nas and the Magic of Now #grammys

NasAs a 55 year old, I am not the target demo for pop music. I'm OK with that. I'm sure my parents were somewhat baffled by the music I listened to growing up (Abba, ELO, Bee Gees, etc) much in the way the Mister and I were sort of scratching our heads last night at various songs/artists who seemed to spew/shout incoherent lyrics to choppy tunes. Although to be fair to my parents, our household was home to a wide variety of music - the Beatles, Mamas and Papas, Broadway musicals, comedy albums, classical, big band, etc. 

But while most of last night's Grammys didn't reflect my musical tastes, some of the performances (like Lil Nas) were inspired. I don't have any idea what he was singing, but man, that performance was a visual masterpiece on a master class level. 12 hours later, I am still thinking about it, and that's what Art should do - stay with the viewer. Drenched in pop culture iconography and very complicated choreography, this is definitely something that will be referenced in the future; I'm very glad to have seen it live. 

It seems, for many people my age, the night was incomprehensible (if my Facebook feed is any indication) but pop music isn't for us, it's for the Now and rather than being all 'get off my lawn' about it, I am choosing to find value even if that value is only to see what is considered popular right now. I like that I can appreciate the magic of now no matter what age I am. 

The other thing that gives me comfort in this is this: when you take away the flash and pizzazz, all of these performers are doing exactly the same thing that legends like Frank Sinatra did - they entertain their peers in a way that reflects the culture. The proliferation of 'crazy/shouty' music last night is sort of disconcerting to me in that context, but, at the end of the day, music is a product and this is what sells. Right now. Ten years from now? Who knows. We could be back to the big band era and crooners wearing suits. Can you imagine? 


Favorite Meme Day #babyyoda #starwars #themandalorian

Yup, this was me during my nearly two week vacation from work (although, I was sort of working throughout the two weeks due to a Big! Meeting! I was working on that took place the first week of Jan - the work paid off as it was a huge success and the people in charge were very happy with the results). 


Suddenly Nothing

Yesterday I spent the day at home. Doing mostly nothing. 

Oh sure, I intended on tackling the next phase of the seemingly never ending home improvement project, but painting the hallway ceiling and living room ceiling didn't hold a great deal of appeal to me when I could be, instead, doing nothing. I also thought about sifting through a stack of comic strip ideas and getting back into my rhythm, but I did, instead, do nothing. I even thought that I might re-org my closet, clean out the sock drawer, or repaint a chair... but no, still did nothing. 

After a few months (starting back in mid/late October) of back to back doing a lot of everything (events, parties, conferences, house guests, travel, Christmas, Star Wars, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Doomsday Clock, etc), doing nothing for a day (or two) is a nice luxury. 

So here I am. Fresh off from doing nothing yesterday and, this is me, today. Again, doing nothing. 

And it's glorious. 

All my best for a fabulous Sunday! 

(P.S., yes, I know that in yesterday's blog I talked about buying a dresser and yes, yes, yes my Instagram shows that I made an enormous kettle of chicken soup for dinner last night, but I did say "mostly" and hey, don't harsh my 'nothing' vibe by bringing that up! lol) 

(P.P.S. I had intended on the blog title to tie into the song "Suddenly Seymour" somehow but this meditation on "nothing" kind of stripped that association away but I'm stuck with the title because moving all this text to another blog post would require effort and what is today about? Nothing!! lol)

(P.P.P.S. Three "P"s is abit much, don't you think?)

Three Things on a Saturday Afternoon on the UWS

THING ONE: So far this morning I've purchased a dresser (long needed, much delayed, now finally obtained) from an old high school friend (who posted it on her FB account and I'm so grateful, it's exactly what I've been looking for). That may not seem like a big accomplishment, but it is. I bought my last dresser in January 2000 for $100 from a furniture shop in West Hollywood that was going out of business. I didn't intend on having it for 20 years but there you go. Sometimes that happens. A few years ago, during one apt re-org, the dresser had to be 'trimmed' to accommodate new placement between the radiator and a door in our tiny place thus making it the New York apartment equivalent of a car in the front yard on cinderblocks. I promised myself then that I would replace it soon.. that was about 6 years ago. Sigh. 

THING TWO: It's supposed to snow today but I've seen nothing yet on the UWS. I love snow and miss that it never really snows like it used to in NYC anymore. For those who complain about shoveling it - know that you are lucky enough to have luxury of seasons (and a home out from which you must shovel in the first place). I realize that for my Wisconsin and Minnesota friends, being bombarded by snowfall after snowfall can be tiring, but I invite you to look at how lucky you are! On the upside, the ivy we planted in our window boxes outside the window where I sit with my computer last summer is thriving. 

THING THREE: 6 years ago today I started the last six week cycle of my long running Bingo show. I was working a corporate events job at the time (as I am now) and couldn't put the time into Bingo as I had been able to do previously with other jobs that were less demanding. I revived it for a few weeks in the summer of 2015, but that was done by August. However, one slices the time away from it, I miss emceeing the show, raising funds for non-profits, and booking fabulous guests. 

And that's three things I'm thinking about today on the upper west side/New York. Hope your day is going well! 

Sky NYC 2

Happy New Ear #2020

So, true story: we went dancing at Hunters in Fort Lauderdale last Sat night and, to protect our hearing, my BF and I put earplugs in our ears to muffle the sound (slightly). We had a wonderful time and even shared the few extra ear plugs we had with others on the dance floor. 

UrgentblogThe next morning, my right ear was blocked with that feeling you get when you've just gotten off of a plane... and I could not get it to "un-block". I also had a bit of pain and hearing loss. Nothing monumental, but definitely not normal. 

I hemmed and hawed about this chalking it up to a bit of extra wax lodged somewhere in the ear canal, but, as the day for our return flight approached, I started worrying that it could be something worse (like a perforated eardrum) that could be made worse by being on an airplane. 

Finally, on New Year's Eve, I got worried enough that we went to urgent care. 

It turned out that the earplugs had pushed a big glop of wax back to the drum. They pulled it all out (it was literally the size of an earbud) and I instantly felt great relief - pain gone and, most significantly, I could instantly hear better than I have heard in many years. I didn't even realize that I had been having trouble hearing in that ear until I could hear normally; apparently it had been a very slow and subtle buildup.

We ended up going out to a party and had an amazing time. Had I been worrying all night, it would have ruined the 'good time, had by all' that we had til the wee hours of the morning (grin). 

So the moral to the story is: Sometimes you have to go through scary stuff to get through to the good stuff. 

Oh, and remember to clean your ears on a regular basis. 

Wishing you all a Happy New Ear!