Three Things on a Saturday Afternoon on the UWS
Favorite Meme Day #lizzyborden

Suddenly Nothing

Yesterday I spent the day at home. Doing mostly nothing. 

Oh sure, I intended on tackling the next phase of the seemingly never ending home improvement project, but painting the hallway ceiling and living room ceiling didn't hold a great deal of appeal to me when I could be, instead, doing nothing. I also thought about sifting through a stack of comic strip ideas and getting back into my rhythm, but I did, instead, do nothing. I even thought that I might re-org my closet, clean out the sock drawer, or repaint a chair... but no, still did nothing. 

After a few months (starting back in mid/late October) of back to back doing a lot of everything (events, parties, conferences, house guests, travel, Christmas, Star Wars, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Doomsday Clock, etc), doing nothing for a day (or two) is a nice luxury. 

So here I am. Fresh off from doing nothing yesterday and, this is me, today. Again, doing nothing. 

And it's glorious. 

All my best for a fabulous Sunday! 

(P.S., yes, I know that in yesterday's blog I talked about buying a dresser and yes, yes, yes my Instagram shows that I made an enormous kettle of chicken soup for dinner last night, but I did say "mostly" and hey, don't harsh my 'nothing' vibe by bringing that up! lol) 

(P.P.S. I had intended on the blog title to tie into the song "Suddenly Seymour" somehow but this meditation on "nothing" kind of stripped that association away but I'm stuck with the title because moving all this text to another blog post would require effort and what is today about? Nothing!! lol)

(P.P.P.S. Three "P"s is abit much, don't you think?)