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Three Things on a Saturday Afternoon on the UWS

THING ONE: So far this morning I've purchased a dresser (long needed, much delayed, now finally obtained) from an old high school friend (who posted it on her FB account and I'm so grateful, it's exactly what I've been looking for). That may not seem like a big accomplishment, but it is. I bought my last dresser in January 2000 for $100 from a furniture shop in West Hollywood that was going out of business. I didn't intend on having it for 20 years but there you go. Sometimes that happens. A few years ago, during one apt re-org, the dresser had to be 'trimmed' to accommodate new placement between the radiator and a door in our tiny place thus making it the New York apartment equivalent of a car in the front yard on cinderblocks. I promised myself then that I would replace it soon.. that was about 6 years ago. Sigh. 

THING TWO: It's supposed to snow today but I've seen nothing yet on the UWS. I love snow and miss that it never really snows like it used to in NYC anymore. For those who complain about shoveling it - know that you are lucky enough to have luxury of seasons (and a home out from which you must shovel in the first place). I realize that for my Wisconsin and Minnesota friends, being bombarded by snowfall after snowfall can be tiring, but I invite you to look at how lucky you are! On the upside, the ivy we planted in our window boxes outside the window where I sit with my computer last summer is thriving. 

THING THREE: 6 years ago today I started the last six week cycle of my long running Bingo show. I was working a corporate events job at the time (as I am now) and couldn't put the time into Bingo as I had been able to do previously with other jobs that were less demanding. I revived it for a few weeks in the summer of 2015, but that was done by August. However, one slices the time away from it, I miss emceeing the show, raising funds for non-profits, and booking fabulous guests. 

And that's three things I'm thinking about today on the upper west side/New York. Hope your day is going well! 

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